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Logic Basic: a new perspective to developers
By Eleusmario Mariano Rabelo

Currently the most popular programming languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, C#, etc.. not provide good learning opportunities for novice programmers, and the student has to cling to ancient languages to learn to program, as Basic, Pascal and Clipper, these are available in MS-DOS, which is already quite outdated, and from owning scarce graphics resources. There are some versions of Basic that can be run on Windows, as SmallBasic recently released by Microsoft, but continues with the same structure programming console. This discourages young people to engage in the programming area, since the structure of these languages do not allow the creation of programs for the graphical environment of most modern operating systems, such as games and programs more visually well designed.

Many people say that there are many easy languages to learn programming, such as Visual Basic 6, but it is easy for those who already have some programming experience inherited from ancient languages to MS-DOS as Basic, Pascal, Clipper, etc.. I was a very experienced programmer in C language, but when I had my first contact with Visual Basic, I struggled to learn to program in this environment, even having already scheduled a few hundred thousand lines of Basic. Imagine a novice programmer who decides to start studying Visual Basic 2010, Delphi, C++, C#, Java, etc.. that adopt object-oriented programming, a technique quite complex! I believe that most students will give up on their first try...

Is in this question that enters the Logic Basic, a language very easy to learn and use, which has a simple structure as Basic language, but allows you to create programs with the same features of the most advanced programming languages. It is a language that allows the creation of games with great graphics performance, which is a great incentive for programmers, especially young children. We hope that this new language can cover this gap in the area of programming for beginners, and also be a language that allows the creation of professional systems in every way.

Eleusmario Mariano Rabelo is system developer, webmaster and author of Logic Basic.