Logic Basic Features
  • Language that has a basic logic, based entirely on linear code, like old programming languages for MS-DOS, such as Clipper, Basic, C, Pascal, etc.., Very easy to be understood and used, but at the same time a language that allows the programmer to take advantage of the great features of most modern operating systems;
  • With simple commands executes routines that would be super complex to develop in other programming languages, having several routines ready to perform different types of tasks;
  • Offers great ease in opening and manipulating database, allowing you to work with native database, Access, or any other through ODBC drivers;
  • It has a command that allows you to create any type of report easily comparable to the best utilities for creating reports;
  • It has a graphical interface comparable to the best animation softwares graphics, allowing the creation of high-level presentations, and also games with great graphics performance;
  • Lets you work with several windows at once;
  • Allows creation of subroutines, functions and timers;
  • Synthesizes all kinds of variables available in other languages in just three variable types: String, Integer and Decimal, which can be declared globally or locally.