Presentation of Logic Basic
Logic Basic is a programming language to facilitate the development of programs, and is therefore an ideal tool to develop the programming logic in children, youth and adult beginners in computing, and professional programmers who wish to develop programs more quickly and easily, being a language ideal for schools, universities, computer courses and also for businesses that require a high productivity language. With Logic Basic you can develop any kind of program from commercial software to games.

The Logic Basic has a native database simple, safe, fast and powerful, which can be accessed only by password, but you can also make connections to any database that has an ODBC driver, and use SQL clauses to manage the database.

The commands of the Logic Basic are quite simple, but perform complex routines, it would be difficult to create in other programming languages.

About the author

The author of the software, the brazilian Eleusmario Mariano Rabelo, began to develop programs in a minicomputer called TK-85 that had only 16 KB of memory and used the language Basic and Assembler, the author has wide experience in Language C, having developed games in this language for MS-DOS, today uses the languages Visual Basic, .NET, Delphi, ASP, PHP, among others.