Logic Basic tutorial for beginners
How the Logic Basic works?

Logic Basic has a code environment where you write your program, this environment has a text box to the main code and more 6 text boxes for the code extensions. It also has the environment of windows, where the results of the program will be shown.

By activating the Run button (button with a green arrow to the right), the Logic Basic executes the command(s) of the first row, then the second, then the third and so on. That is, it will execute your program as if reading a text where you say, "Do this", "Do that," ..., in the order from the first line to the last.

The windows are places where you through the commands, writes words, draw pictures, and also receive information from the keyboard, mouse, hard disk, and so on. In them you can put background images, which are images that will be fixed in the background of the window, write texts, create command buttons, components such as text boxes, list boxes, check boxes, and so on, And may also draw figures that can be moved or changed by programming. There are also sounds that can be played at any time during the execution of your program.

Code extensions

There are also "Code extensions", which are text boxes where you can put some code snippets to better organize your program. To access the main code, you must press the code button (button containing the letter "C"), and to access the extensions, simply press one of the 6 red buttons on the right side of the code button.

You can imagine these extensions as a continuation of the main code, so that when you run the program, it will be as if they were concatenated (stitched) to the main code.

If you press one of the buttons of "code extensions", the Logic Basic shows in the text box below the code that corresponds to the respective extension. At the top right of the code window there is a text box labeled "Code Name" where you can be written a name to identify the code extension. This name is optional, it is not necessary to put it, but it is recommended to improve the clarity and logic of the program.

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