Logic Basic tutorial for beginners
Saving and opening programs

The Logic Basic programs may be saved in any folder selected by the programmer, and it is advisable that you create a folder for each program, where will be written to the source code, image files, sound files, and so on, for the program. The extension of the Logic Basic programs are .Lbc, but you do not need to enter it because the extension is automatically inserted.

On the File menu are four options for creating, opening and recording of source code:

New program: When this button is pressed, the Logic Basic erases the code box and create a new program with the name New.Lbc.
Open program: The Logic Basic will present you with a dialog box containing the names of recorded programs. Enter the name of the desired program or double-click on top of it.
Save: When you press this button, the program that is in the text box will be written to disk with the current name, no questions asked.
Save As: The Logic Basic will present a dialog box for you to enter the name of the program to be recorded. If it has already been previously recorded, just double-click the program name in the list.

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