Logic Basic tutorial for beginners
Debugging Programs

Debug is synonymous with "Take Defects", "Troubleshooting", "Remove bugs" of the computer program. The Logic Basic offers a resource to facilitate this work, and it was created the Debug button. When pressed this button, will activate the "debug mode". Thus, when the program is executed, the number of the editor, the line number, and line code, will be shown in a small window during program execution.

Thus, the programmer will visualizing step by step what the Logic Basic interpreter is running, ie you will see the line of code, and their result on the window. With this feature, it's easy to detect any errors in the program because if the Logic Basic does not run the program in accordance with what is expected, surely there is some error in the line of code where the error occurs. The programmer must then check if there is a misspelled command, check if the variables were declared correctly, and so on.

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