Logic Basic tutorial for beginners
Reserved variables

The Logic Basic has some reserved variables described below, so you can not create variables, functions and subroutines with names similar to these, not to cause conflicts in the program:

RetStr String, RetValue Decimal, MouseX Integer, MouseY Integer, MouseClick String, Blue Integer, Red Integer, Green Integer, Black Integer, White Integer, Yellow Integer, LightBlue Integer, DarkBlue Integer, DarkRed Integer, DarkGreen Integer, DarkYellow Integer, FieldReturn Integer, TotalFonts Integer, WindowsDir String, Desktop String, ProgramDir String, WindowsPrograms String, TestButton String, LBDir String, ObjectValue String, ReferenceValue String, SQLPointer String, LinSize Decimal, ColSize Decimal, GotFocus String, LostFocus String, DefaultBackcolor Integer, RefIndex Integer, CommandLine String, StartWindowInvisible Integer, ScreenHeight Integer, ScreenWidth Integer

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